Daylight is and will remain our best light source. Those who skillfully use this freely available, valuable resource create spaces with a feel-good character. Our daylight dome shows what this entails in an astonishingly realistic manner.

Modell unter dem Lichtdom. Tageslichtsimulation 14. August, 19:00 Uhr.

The sun tops it all off.

“A room without natural light cannot find a place in architecture”: even Louis I. Kahn, American architect and urban planner, shares our view of the unedeniable importance of our natural resource of light. Making optimal use of daylight is directly related to Switzerland's general energy goals. We bring a lot of knowledge and long experience to the table in order to design projects optimally.

Those who grasp earlier can optimize earlier.

With us, decisive measures already come into play in the architectural design. Subsequent improvements, which are difficult to implement in the advanced planning process, can be avoided – also with regard to radiation. Because the sun is a source of light and heat at the same time. In order to use their energy in the best possible way, you have to consciously dose and control the radiation.

Experience the year in hours: in the daylight dome.

How will a room look one day in real daylight on March 1st, July 15th or December 20th? A model placed under our daylight dome makes it real, makes this imaginable – thanks to the artificial sun, diffused sky and calibrated light input. Light and shadow can be seen and felt, the light values can be measured precisely and assessed realistically – inside and outside the building. The daylight dome is intended as a supplement to digital animations and is suitable for models with a maximum length, width and height of 100 cm.

Our daylight services:

Builders, users and architects benefit from our comprehensive advice and extensive knowledge that is constantly growing. As advisors, we have a constructive exchange with everyone involved. This not only results in added value, it also advances the project and ensures that the desired quality is achieved.

  • Calculation of parameters such as the course of the daylight coefficient, global and diffuse radiation, operating times and energy consumption
  • Digital daylight simulations
  • Daylight autonomy
  • Daylight optimization (sun and glare protection, light control)
  • Sun position diagram
  • Expert reports & assesments
  • Daylight dome (artificial sky)