Professional lighting design and lighting planning leaves nothing to chance, not even with analyzes or reports, with simulations or measured values. Our expertise pays off in the long term – for builders and architects as well as for authorities.

Luminance evaluation.

Comprehensive expertise sheds light on the darkness.

  • Analysis and evaluation of light immissions
  • Comparison of jobs and their evaluation
  • Expertise obstacle lighting
  • Inventory and evaluation of lighting at pedestrian crossings
  • Calculation of the economic efficiency of tunnels
  • Saving electricity when retrofitting existing lighting systems
  • Measurement and evaluation of existing lighting systems (including suggested measures)

You spare energy but not sustainability.

An attitude that determines how we think and act and is incorporated into the company's mission statement: “Energy efficiency is part of every process and has absolute priority. The CO2 emissions of planned systems are minimized, and where possible even eliminated. " The goal of SIA 380/4 "Electrical energy in building construction" is clear: Energy consumption must be optimized – with the rational use of electricity and the optimization of electricity consumption in new buildings and conversions.

Let there be light. Once everything is clear.

In order to plan the lighting accordingly, certain requirements must be met:

  • light interior design and surfaces
  • luminaires with high efficiency and no glare
  • choice of luminaire for project-specific framework conditions
  • preferably luminaires with the MINERGIE label
  • corresponding asset management
  • reduction of standby consumption
  • building location (sun protection, glare, shading, etc.)
  • use of daylight (window size and placement, glass properties)

Reflexion would be happy to advise you on the efficient use of energy. We review the structural measures, prepare the SIA 380/4 lighting verification calculation and the MINERGIE verification including other necessary documents and lighting plans for submission to the certification body, coordinate with the Minergie specialists and create verification documents for LEED, Breeam or DGNB