Light for radio and television – SRF Technik Center Zurich Leutschenbach

The Zurich Leutschenbach studio was inaugurated in 1973. Over the years, the location has adapted as well as possible to the changing times. There was a need for action due to the changes in the usage and space conditions and the acute lack for renovation of some buildings.

A central technology center is being created as the first stage of a redesign phase.

The building is visually structured in two parts – the base and the cantilevered upper floors placed on it – which the lighting emphasizes.

Inside, the horizontal tiered structure is designed with open static systems and accommodates the building services and thus also the light installation as a visible or partially visible element. This makes it all the more important to have a perfect functional setting and aesthetic composition of all these components.

Individuality and thus differentiation is created through the use of a customized luminaire, which is specially designed for the project needs and areas. A family of luminaires that is used in the meeting rooms and open-space workplaces.


SRF Swiss radio and television


Penzel Valier AG, Zurich




Red Dot Award

Picture: @ Kuster Frey
Picture: @ Kuster Frey
Picture: @ Kuster Frey