At center of time – Swatch Headquarters and Cité du Temps, Biel

The new buildings represent the unity and identity of the two locations. This is achieved through an exquisite selection of materials and two building concepts. The classic, precise volume of “Cité du Temps” contrasts with the organic, playful body of the Swatch building.

The snake-shaped Swatch building is functionally illuminated for its various uses as well as architecturally accentuated. The lighting concept is integrated into the architecture as restrained and discreetly as possible in order to highlight the individual elements. The selective lighting, which is integrated into the wooden roof structure, is essential. The new “Cité du Temps” museum building with its vault-like passageways is staged in a multimedia way using the light in order to represent the past and present of watchmaking in a dignified manner.

The lighting in the outside area consists of functional and integrated elements.


The Swatch Group AG, Biel


Shigeru Ban Architects Europe, Paris
Itten + Brechbühl, Basel




Swatch Ltd and Reflexion