White: the sum of all the colors of light Collection Lambert Museum, Avignon

White walls, floors and ceilings in the Museum Collection Lambert in Avignon create an abstract impression, high light reflection and create a neutral background for the works on display. Variants are only shown by means of the light sources and moods.

The exhibition rooms are illuminated with reduced lines of light on the ceilings. In the basement, luminous ceilings are used in favor of daylight-like lighting. The 400 square meter, L-shaped hall on the first floor is flooded with daylight through floor-to-ceiling windows. The newly built, approx. six meter high hall in the inner courtyard of the Hôtel de Montfaucon, which was converted into a museum extension, was given a daylight ceiling through which no direct sunlight can reach the walls. If necessary, the openings can also be completely closed so that the room is only artificially lit.


Stadt Avignon


Berger & Berger, Paris




German Lighting Design Award 2017 in the International Project category