Integrated and accentuated – Auditorium Careum, Zurich

With the construction of the auditorium, the interprofessional campus for teaching and research in health care with its central location in the educational district of the city of Zurich will be completed and makes an essential contribution to solving the acute shortage of space in the university environment.

The underground auditorium opens with a mighty canopy as an entrance area in the surrounding terrain.

A spacious staircase leads down to the foyer. The access to the auditorium is staged by a sequence of high and low parts of the room. Open, high areas and low, protected zones are created in the foyer.

A central skylight illuminates the room. The daylight is guided by layers of different heights, creating light and dark areas. On the opposite side, modern interpreted chandeliers in a linear arrangement shine in the high room.

The light in its various facets leads the visitors through the entrance hall, creates different lighting moods depending on the use and time, and builds tension.

You then pass under the control booth into the auditorium. The biodynamic artificial light, which can play on different scenes depending on the requirements, spans the wooden coffered ceiling as a luminous sky. In addition, perfectly glare-free downlights integrated into the wooden structure, designed as a light line, achieve the required amount of light. In contrast to the foyer, a soft and even lighting atmosphere is created.


Careum Foundation, Zurich


bhend.klammer dipl. architects eth sia, Zurich




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