Industrial Design ETH research building GLC, Zurich

The new research building (GLC) of the ETH in the center of Zurich combines various research areas in the new department, “Health Science and Technology” (D-HEST), into one teaching and research unit. The new building adjoins the existing buildings on Gloriastrasse and adopts their strict geometries, so that a new overall system arises around a central courtyard.

The lighting concept should do justice to the unique architectural glass block and result in a harmonious overall picture. Basically, there will be two types of light. On the one hand, a functional LED light line – on the other hand a specially developed industrial chic looking object light. This can be found in the whole house, in different rooms, but always in a different function.

The more functional the room, the fewer object lights with a decorative character are used. In the laboratories, offices, and seminar rooms, linear LED profiles are integrated into the ceiling sails. A total ceiling system is aimed for and combines many trades into one unit. The more public and representative the areas become, the more the object lights will be used, for example, as ceiling washers in the corridors or as wallwashers in the core areas. The specially developed chandelier made from these object lights is definitely the highlight. These chandeliers will adorn the atrium on massive suspensions, which support the building's functional and almost industrial character.


ETH Immobilien, Zurich


Boltshauser Architects, Zurich