Sparkling stones – Christmas and holiday lighting SNB, Zurich

The aim of the lighting concept for the facade of the building, which was built between 1919 and 1922 by the Pfister brothers and is a listed building, was to create a festive character for special occasions. Compact surface-mounted lights mounted on special wedges in oder to bathe the window and arch reveal precisely in warm-toned light, which, thanks to special optics, does not get into the interior of the building or the night sky. The lighting fulfills Zurich's “Plan Lumiere” in every respect, which contains sensitive specifications and requirements – including with regard to avoiding light pollution.

For the Christmas lighting, which is based on the structure of a crown with a load-bearing base, rhythmic middle section, upper end, and luminous gemstones – cylinders filled with Swarovski stones of different sizes are placed between the delicately profiled sandstone cubes of the frieze. The sparkling stones give the building a sublime brilliance and gracefully stage the formative, identity-creating frieze. The contrasts between the individual light points of the windows and the roof crown are coordinated and provide a harmonious overall picture of the festive facade lighting.


SNB Zürich




German Lighting Design Award 2017 in the Events / Trade Fairs category