Comfortable concrete Alpine Lodging Chesa, Pontresina

The Chesa al Parc houses stylish holiday apartments with modern Alpine architecture in an attractive location in the center of the village of Pontresina. Buildings and apartments impress with the skillful combination of wood and concrete and interpret alpine living in an authentic and contemporary way.

The lighting stages the play of materials – the gently flooded concrete core forms the central and connecting element between the rooms. The interior fittings, made entirely of Swiss stone pine, are a skillful arrangement of illuminated niches for different functions. The tasteful furnishings are complemented by selected decorative lights. In the spa area, subdued essential lighting creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere and leaves room for the different lighting moods in the sauna, steam bath and relaxation room.


Seglias Pontresina AG


Stricker Architects AG, Pontresina