Swiss tradition in an international environment – Chalet Suisse, Zurich Airport

The Swiss restaurant in the Airside Center at Zurich Airport is based on the traditional values of the way of life of the 26 cantons, with a wide variety of landscapes, languages and cultural influences. As if cut out of a mountain range, the curved wall forms a calming shell around the guest area. The soft illumination of this wall plays a major role in the overall concept, gives the restaurant its essential brightness. The spotlights in the dark circles of the ceiling seem invisible, set accents, and give the room the necessary dramaturgy. Concrete pendant lights provide the seating niches warm light and invite you to linger. The counter and kitchen area fit elegantly into the overall concept. A clear color scheme in this zone makes orientation easier.


Zurich Airport AG


Bert Haller GmbH, Mönchengladbach