Luminous cowbells Madrisahof, Klosters Dorf

The guest in the Madrisahof mountain restaurant on the Saaseralp, above Davos Klosters, 1887m above sea level, experiences a successful combination of homely and modern. The "Hut on the Mountain," which is only accessible via the mountain railways but is 100% handicapped accessible, is built from old fire wood in the traditional chalet style.

The typical architecture and the down-to-earth interior are illuminated and staged with unusual lights. For this purpose, a new type of lens luminaire for general lighting was combined with various decorative luminaires.

The highlights include the specially developed cowbells with integrated downlights, which direct the light precisely onto dining tables and benches and visually emphasize them against the background of subtle general lighting. A unique lamp was designed for the wine cellar. Nine-meter-long steel girders hang above the tables, connecting two types of light components: Narrow-beam, directed downlights accentuate what is happening at the table. LED «candles» on the carrier light up the ceiling and harmonize the overall picture.

The design language and materiality of the decorative wall and floor lamps covered with textile shades as well as the "chandelier" were coordinated with the overall appearance.

All lights are made of LEDs and offer “new technology” in a “traditional ambiance”.


Madrisa Land Klosters


B&B interior, Klosters