Schiff Ahoi redesign of the harbor basin and restaurant, Romanshorn

The former storage room in the listed building of SBS, a shipping company in Romanshorn, directly on the shores of Lake Constance, has been converted into a restaurant with a nautical flair. In front of it is a terrace floating above the lake for outdoor dining, which adds additional seats to the Hafen restaurant, which can seat 80 guests. The entire terrace is covered with a 200 square meter membrane roof in order to comply with weather conditions changing.

The terrace is continuously illuminated with linear light. The light strips precisely integrate into the steps, railings and benches convey the impression of homogeneous brightness, emphasize the terrace and make it an attractive point of attraction with a long-distance effect. The lighting also serves as an orientation aid for the guests and the captains. The indirectly illuminated membrane roof and the candlelights on the tables create an attractive, inviting atmosphere.

The interior is formally and atmospherically supported by a three-component lighting concept. Direct light above the tables provides orientation; indirect light creates a pleasant, warm atmosphere, and accent light highlights details of the interior design.

To ensure a uniform light image, the same light color (warm white) is used throughout the interior and exterior.

The entire project is realized with LED technology.


SBS Schifffahrt AG


Virtual Design Unit GmbH, Zurich