Light and Pasta Restaurant Tschingg, Zurich

Tschingg 3 at Stauffacher in Zurich is the third take-out and restaurant of the same name from Buonvicini AG. It offers 50 seats and 18 outside seats on 120m².

Authenticity is a common denominator of Italian culture, and the interior design of the restaurant runs like a red thread through the design. The restaurant is not just built architecture; it stands for a successful interplay of marketing strategy and successful brand management in the room.

The lighting concept takes the different room zones into account. Thanks to the light control, the room areas can be immersed in different moods. This is important to be able to react optimally and individually to the various effects of daylight in all areas of the restaurant. The wall lights are held in a typical Italian opulence. They also look cheeky and authentic. The lighting design is an essential element in underlining the Italian character of the restaurant.


Buonvicini AG


Retailpartners, Wetzikon