Rosso Corsa Ferrari Niki Hasler, Basel

The extension of the Niki Hasler AG car dealership consists of a new sales pavilion, designed as a functional, ergonomic, beautiful, and simple building for Ferrari vehicles according to the manufacturer's company standards.

The volume of the planned new building leaves an approx. 20 m wide opening in the street front, which provides a view and access to the existing workshops behind it.

The new, three-storey pavilion made of light and glazed exposed concrete looks like a gate building for the entire complex. The only opening to the street is the back window of the showroom on the ground floor. A striking black lintel appears like an open hangar gate and increases the proportions of the elongated window opening.

Like the architecture, the lighting concept is also tailored to the brand values and standards of Ferrari. The lighting manages to create a stage for the luxury cars by means of a restrained, linear lighting system integrated into the ceiling to stage them as a highlight. Power rails are embedded in the ceiling, in which the linear elements of the basic lighting and filigree spots for the illumination of the products can be flexibly positioned. The gentle brightening of the surrounding wall surfaces create an even background and a friendly spatial impression for the product presentation.


Niki Hasler


Diener & Diener Architects AG, Basel